The Consequences

I realized that (we) getting married early have its pros too.

We were forced to grow up and mature early - no more childish tantrums. We learned to value every penny earned, and learned the difference between wants and needs. We learned to think not only for own selves but for us - the family we created. We learned to hold on and be strong.

It has been 13 years. It surely is a rough road, especially for 18-year old young adults. But the travel is all worth it, knowing that you are with your most favorite person in the world, holding your hand along the way and carried you when the road got tough.

Life dramas, and surprises will always be there. It's how you handle them and your reaction to these kind of life situations is what matters.

Spirit Tales Online

I have a soft spot for cute stuffs, and one of them is an online game "Spirit Tales". We (me and hubby) played this game on its release, around April or May 2012, but we quit after 2 weeks of playing due to lots of players using bots. Then about 3 months ago, we started off from scratch with new characters and got hooked up with it again. 

The problem is that..
  • It has a very small, and not-so friendly community.
  • Outdated forums.
  • Can't find all the info you need on the net or in their official website, or even by asking other players.
  • Skill tree and the skill calculator application have some wrong/incomplete descriptions. You have to try it to yourself if they are really worth getting. But resetting skills for free is up to level 30 only, so beyond that you need "Waters of Lethe". An item able to reset your skills which is very costly, about 400~500 gold.

But the good side..
  • There's are a lot of things to do. Either you focus on getting rich by farming family intimacy, collecting silver points, farming for pets or items, and or be on the top of the rankings.
  • Too many characters to explore and experience. (12 characters ATM, 9 characters still not released)
  • Weekly events and updates.
  • So cute!

This is my character Koko_Kitty, a Pyromancer. Created last May 30, 2014 and proudly got her to level 70 last July 19, 2014 without the use EXP orbs, or leeching EXP from other characters. :)


I've been thinking of abandoning this blog. I want to start a new one, or perhaps move on to other interests. But there is already so much in here that I want to keep, and when there's an urge to vent, or a place to dump my artworks, I can always post them here. So I think, I'll keep this one. 7 years and the counting continues..

RIP pentab

August 21, 2014. Found out that my pen tablet had stopped working, and that tiny red ants had already made it their colony. It has been like ages since I last used it. These past months I find myself not wanting to draw anymore - there were so much time in hand, but no passion to do so, so I ditched it somewhere. Until my son borrowed it, that's when we found out about the ants. Hubby tried to fix it, but failed. I think it's already in a state wherein it is beyond repair. :(

I won't be able to do digital drawings anymore until I buy a new one, or I had to go back with "mouse + SAI" again.

Once in a blue moon update..

Spirit Tales Online doodle (yup, back on ST again, IGN: Koko_Kitty)
I haven't drawn for months, and my fingers felt so rusty -_-

And... I haven't updated this blog for months too. Lots of stuff happened this past 4 months - life surely is full of surprises!

Grand Chase FanArt: Rin

Lila the Meek Builder

Made this one last year for my Ikariam character Lila.

Here's the video on how I made this:

Cool People: