Online Gamer No More

After hours of playing online, I have concluded that online gaming is no longer for me. Finally, the abstinence paid off! My mind no longer characterize online gaming as pleasure - which is a good thing. But I ain't deleting them from my hard drive in case I change my mind! (which I hope it won't). Every game that I have tried and loved are still here even though I haven't touched them for ages.

My perspective changed I guess, or I am getting old.. But unlike before, I now have set some important goals and priorities that doesn't include online gaming. Though honestly, sometimes, my mind just craves for it, that's why sometimes I feed myself with it for hours, but always end up regretting it. And after much self-deliberation I now see it as a big waste of time (and why I have been so blind and stupid before?).

It surely was fun, but not anymore.


Edited: March 19, 2013

I never thought that I would have take back my words, and would play online game again in less than 10 days after posting this. For days now, MaRsHaLL would ask me every time I start sitting in front of my computer(my daily routine) if I will be working, because he would like to play with me me to accompany his character in the abyss (the second to the last hardest dungeon difficulty level in Dragon Nest). So tell me how can I say no to that? I never see this coming.. certainly a once-in-a-blue-moon-kind-of-thing.


I'm still new to this game(but I'm not planning to dig deeper into it), and so is he.. and every time he got tired of watching Detective Conan, playing with his pen caps collection, playing games on his PS3, grooming our cats, and everything he usually do, he would then bug me to play with him.. Oh well. But this is fine though, since this is not on the addiction level, this is just to kill my son's boredom, and a way to bond as well. :)


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